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We seek our students to be people of integrity, with an intercultural vision that reflects ideals and values.


The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Programme is to strengthen the students’ knowledge, skills and competencies required to create and develop an internal and external venture, by using the first Entrepreneurship Laboratory in Latin America, which promotes the creativity and implementation of ventures from a social and economic perspective.

“The Entrepreneurship Program reveals the importance of the interpersonal skills of students, enabling them to think about their experiences, analyze successful cases and develop an immersion process in the venture components in order to identify their entrepreneurship style”.



The Science laboratory at Casuarinas International College has special facilities and materials; it is a space where students conduct experiments that compliment the study of Physics and Chemistry. They put theory into practice by applying techniques to confirm the hypothesis obtained through the application of the Scientific Method. The laboratory has tools and materials that make it possible to carry out adequate research and experimentation.

Throughout the experiments conducted by students, the school aims to promote the critical capacity that will help them to solve everyday problems.


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