We seek our students to be people of integrity, with an intercultural vision that reflects ideals and values.

The purpose of the workshops is to promote and stimulate the creativity of the participants through various activities, use all their potential and learn new things. Participants will be able to identify the best elements that will help them solve different challenges, reinforcing their confidence and enabling the development of their social skills at the same time.


The Theater Workshop includes dramatic games aimed to develop personal skills such as imagination, observation and creativity, as well as body and oral expression. Fostering the analysis and interpretation of the environment in which the children are growing up, our theatre program explores the possibilities of body movement (space, mood, levels, displacement, balance, rhythm, etc.) throughout the dramatization of stories and tales. It includes actions and events as a socialization method, as the children take on a variety of roles (daily, invented, protagonist, supporting actor, etc.). Children have access to spaces and materials in order to produce their performances through dramatization. They represent states of mind, emotions and feelings, and clearly express them through sequences of actions or improvisations.

Yoga for kids

The Yoga workshop creates a space where children can experience this discipline and its benefits in a ludic and dynamic way. Yoga classes include postures, games and breathing exercises that enable students to learn the principles of yoga in order to lead a healthy, happy and conscientious life. These classes are designed to motivate students, taking student needs into consideration and helping them discover yoga as an enjoyable activity, which helps them feel better in mind and body.

The benefits of yoga are endless; with children, we find an open door to explore and share their happiness and the way to see and enjoy life simply through play. In our classes, students perform postures through stories and songs with the purpose of reaching a simple meditation level. Yoga also helps improve the capacity to pay attention and focus, enjoy more flexibility, build confidence, face life with optimism, direct their energy, and live a relaxed and peaceful life.


Our Big Band class dynamics have been designed to strengthen the learning of instrumental technique as well as musical theory and reading. The group repertoire is developed among the various specialties we offer at the Big Band Ensemble. The concerts offered throughout the school year are an essential part of unifying and building upon our students’musical experience, and help develop their auditory and visual skills.

Students that participate in the Big Band Programme progressively learn to read music and apply the knowledge acquired individually or as a group, extending their integral and developing cooperative group attitudes, as well as the discipline required to achieve their goals. Of note is that the program includes singing in both Spanish and English, accelerating the students’ bilingual abilities and growth.

Sport Clubs

The Sports department curriculum focuses on educating using motion, enhanced psychomotor skills and group dynamics and by appreciating their effort in each class, strive to develop upright, courageous, balanced thoughtful students who show solidarity.


In the Robotics workshop, students discover their creative capacity and develop their problem solving abilities and mathematical-logic intelligence, applying numerical calculations and following logical patterns programming. In addition, the collaborative socialization activities carried out during the Robotics sessions help improve students’ memory, concentration and interpersonal intelligence, as well as their ability to pay attention.


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